McDonald's deal-icious Iftar Deal, 2 Spicy McCrispy, Medium McFries and drinks

Enjoy McDonald' deal-icious Iftar with 2 Spicy McCrispy, 2 Sprite Lemon Mint 500 ml, and 1 Medium McFries.
Just Rs. 950

Offer valid for Iftar and Sehri.

DES PARDES Saidpur Village Iftar Dinner Buffet: Rs. 3499 + Tax / Head

DES PARDES RESTAURANT Saidpur Village Sehri/Iftar Dinner Buffet deals are here.

Sehri Dinner Buffet: Rs. 1999 + Tax / Head
Iftar Dinner Buffet: Rs. 3499 + Tax / Head

Location: Saidpur Model Village Islamabad.
Call for Booking & Reservations: 051-2320008 | 051-2320009

La Montana Sehri and Iftar Cum Dinner Buffets Menu, Starting from 1799 + tax

Enjoy Sehri and Iftar Buffets at Lamontana Resturant this Ramadan.
Sehri Buffet: Rs. 1799 + Tax
Iftar Cum Dinner Buffets Menu 1: 2499+Tax
Iftar Cum Dinner Buffets Menu 2: 3299+Tax

For details and reservations please contact:
0512898226, 0512898227, 03008508159

Jade Café MM Alam Sehr Iftar Buffet dinner deals! Iftar Buffet 2799+ tax

Jade Café MM Alam Sehr Iftar Buffet dinner deals
Iftar Buffet 2799+ tax
Sehri Buffet 1899+ tax

For Reservations and Queries Call Now: 0337-7774533, 0337-7774534
16C MM Alam Road, Gurberg, Lahore

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Monal Islamabad Sehr Buffet in only Rs. 2,395+tax starting from 3rd Ramadan

Make your Sehri as fulfilling as Monal Islamabad enticing Sehr Buffet in only Rs. 2,395+tax starting from 3rd Ramadan.

For reservations and inquiries, contact at:
0512898044, 0512898055, 03018433359, 03368433358

Pizza Max Iftari "All You Can Eat" Deal Just Rs.1195, Sehri Just Rs.995

Pizza Max Buffet Deals!. All You Can Eat in the most economical prices, for not just Iftari but Sehri as well.

Iftari Just Rs.1195, Sehri Just Rs.995
Valid on pizza only, Only Dine-in.
Home Delivery: 111-629-111

NadeemTikka Iftar Cum Buffet @Rs 2199+Tax, Sehri Buffet @Rs 1580+Tax

Sehri Buffet @Rs 1580+Tax || 90+ Dishes
Iftar Cum Buffet @Rs 2199+Tax || 90+ Dishes

For Reservations/Call: 0321-4889967-8/0300-4500756
226, A III, Gulberg III, Opposite City School, Near 7up Factory Lahore.

TABAQ Sehri & Iftar Deal! Rs.1499 (3 Chicken Kebabs, Half Chicken Handi, Drinks)

Make your Sehr & Aftar Special with TABAQ resturant. Get 2 tandoori parathas, 2 driks, 3 chicken kebabs, half chicken handi just Rs. 1499.

Call for Booking & Reservation
0300-8416653 (Shalimar Branch)
0311-8482227 (Laxhmi Chowk)

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Villa Iftar Cum Dinner Buffet Deal Rs. 2,425+tax / Sehri Buffet Rs. 1,925+tax

Iftar Cum Dinner Buffet - 6:00pm till 8:00pm - Rs. 2,425+tax
Grand Dinner Buffet - Served in two slots (8:15 tlll 11:30pm) - Rs. 2,175+
Sehri Buffet - Served in two slots (12:15am till 3:30am) - Rs. 1,925+

Bookings & Reservations: 0304 1110852

Chaupal Desi Exotic Iftar Buffet Dinner Deal: Sehri Rs.1770+tax, Iftar Rs.2850+tax

Sehri Buffet slots: 12 AM to 2 AM and 2 AM till Sehri, Monday-Sunday
Adults: Rs.1770+tax
Kids(aged 4-7): Rs.888+tax

Iftar Buffet Timings: Iftar till 9PM
Adults: Rs.2850+tax
Kids(aged 4-7): 1299+tax

For Reservations at Seaview: 0304-1110024, 03052227292