Carrefour Ramadan Discount Promotions Leaflet with Prices, Valid till 12th April 2023

Shop your groceries with Carrefour's Big Deal discount offers and make your Ramadan more fulfilling with all your favorite products available at discounted prices.

Expiry: 12/04/2023  

Utility Stores Ramazan Relief Package! Discounts on 19 Basic Grocery Items

Utility Stores in the Holy Month of Ramazan has brought relief in the form of "Ramazan Relief Package".

Get discounts on 19 Basic Grocery Items.

Al-Fatah Ramadan Hamper Package! Price Starting from Rs. 2495

Celebrate the blessings of Ramadan with Al-Fatah. l-Fatah brings you Ramadan Packages in different price ranges, starting from Rs. 2495.

Visit our stores or order online.
Note: You can also get your Ramadan Package customised as per your budget.

Carrefour Ramadan Kareem Hampers! price starting from 1,999/- (12 items)

Carrefour Pakistan Ramadan Kareem Hampers - Ramzan Hampers price starting from from 1,999/-.

Order your package with Carrefour Pakistan.

METRO Ramzan Zakat Hampers! Affordable hampers, price starting from 2,499/-

METRO Ramzan Zakat Hampers - Ramzan Zakat Hampers price starting from from 2,499/-.

Order your package with METRO. YOu can also make your own hamper.

Imtiaz Ramzan Hamper Packages Offer! price starting from Rs. 2,899

Imtiaz Ehtemam-e-Ramzan Offer! Buy Ramzan packages just in Rs. 2,899, Rs. 4,699 or Rs. 6,999.

For bookings, visit your nearest Imtiaz Store or call at UAN: 021-111-468-429 (IMTIAZ) .
Limited hampers available.

You can also buy Ramzan Gift cards. Available in Rs.500, Rs.1000, Rs.2500, Rs.5000.

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Krave Mart Ramadan Rashan Hampers, Packages start from Rs. 1,699 - Karachi

Ease your fellow brothers & sisters this holy month by donating Rashan Hampers at affordable prices.

Packages start from:
Rs. 1,699 - Karachi
Rs. 1,899 - Lahore/Rawalpindi

*Limited stock.

Win a FREE Quetta Gladiators Jersey! Shop Snacks or Drinks @ Krave Mart

Shop Snacks, Drinks, Frozen food, Ice Cream & a chance to win a FREE Quetta Gladiators Jersey!

Limited time offer.

Krave Mart 50% OFF Flora - Made with 100% Natural Ingredients, just RS. 275

50% OFF! Shop Flora - Made with 100% Natural Ingredients for just RS. 275!

*Limited-time offer valid for Karachi only!

House of Samrah 11.11 Sale! Upto 50% off, from 11th November 2022

House of Samrah Sale of upto 50% Off is here. 11.11 Sale will start on 11th November and valid till 21st November.

Sale is valid on Daraz.

Expiry: 21/11/2022