Pakistan Day

Pakistan Day - 23rd March holds great importance in Pakistan's history. On this day in 1940, the Muslim of India demand a separate homelands for themselves and the Lahore Resolution was passed. It is also known as Republic Day or Resolution Day. Every year Pakistan Day is celebrated throughout the country with great enthusiasm. To show true love and spirit for the country most of the Pakistani merchants offer exclusive discounts for their customers across an extensive range of categories such as fashion, electronics, smartphones, TVs and much more. You can enjoy this auspicious day by getting your favourite items at discounted prices. For our users, here at WhatsOnSale we have put together a list of sales alerts and discounts.

How long to Pakistan Day sales last?

The Pakistan Day sales period can generally last from 20th to 25th March, but it depends on the offer and the retailer. If it is a flash sale, it can only last a day or even few hours, but Pakistan Day sales often last at least a few days.

When do they start?

Many sales starts on the the last weekend before 23rd of March, but some will start earlier.

Are these sales worth it?

Yes, every sale worth it, if you shop wisely. You can also get new summer stuff at discounted prices.

23rd March Pakistan Day Sales