Iftar Buffet Dinner Deals - Ramadan 2017

We bring you the best Ramadan 2017 Iftar Buffet Dinner Deals - On this holy month of Ramadan every restaurant try their best to bring you the special Ramadan buffet dinner, Iftar cum Dinner, Sehri offers and midnight dine. Here you can search out special Iftar offers and deals and plan Iftar eat out parties with your friends and family.

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Nando's Fir Up Your feast! Iftar Deal for 2 Rs.1100+Tax & for 4 Rs.2100+Tax

Iftar Deal for 2 Rs.1100+Tax: 2 Quarter Chickens, 1 REG Spicy Rice, 1 REG PERi-PERi Chips, 2 Soft Drinks.
Iftar Deal for 4 Rs.2100+Tax: 4 Quarter Chickens, 2 REG Spicy Rice, 2 REG PERi-PERi Chips, 4 Soft Drinks.

Call: 111 NANDOS (626367)

KFC Ramadan Festival Family Iftar Deal Rs.1695 Only

KFC Ramadan Festival - 4 Zinger Burger + 4 Pcs Chicken + 2.25 Ltr Drink + 1 Fries Bucket + 1 Lays Party Pack + 4 Cake Up's Cupcakes (1 Chocolate,1 Double Chocolate,1 Caramel & 1 Strawberry) + 4 Samosas.

Call: 111-532-532

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Hardee's Pakistan Iftar Dinner Deal For 2 Just Rs.999 Only

Hardee's Pakistan Iftar Dinner Deal For 2 Just Rs.999 Only.

Famous Star, Chicken Fillet/Grilled Chicken Sandwich, 2pc Chicken Tenders, Large Fries, 2 Drinks.
2 Chicken Fillet, 2pc Chicken Tenders, 2 Small Fries, 2 Medium Drinks

OPTP Family Ramadan Iftar Burgers/Drumsticks Deals Just Rs.990 Only

Burgers’ Deal: 6 Chicken Burgers ( 3 Premium Chicken & 3 Original GMC ) for Rs. 990

Drumsticks’ Deal: 8 Drumsticks for Rs. 990

For Delivery Call: 111-11-6787

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Pizza Hut Iftar Buffer Dinner Deal With Unlimited Pizzas and Drinks Just Rs.899

Indulge in Unlimited Pizzas, Salad, Garlic Bread and Pepsi for Rs.899 only! Visit your nearest Pizza Hut outlets & enjoy Iftar Buffet Deal.

Call: 111-241-241

McDonald's Ramadan Feast Deal From Rs.475 From Iftar Till Sehar

McDonald's Ramadan Feast Offers.

Rs.475: 1 McChicken, 1 pc Crispy Chicken, Regular Fries, Medium Drink.
Rs.575: 1 Spicy McCrispy, 1 pc Crispy Chicken, Regular Fries, Medium Drink.

CP Five Star Iftar Dinner Deals! Price Starting From Rs.365

Deal 1 Rs.365 - 2 Fiery BBQ Value Burgers and 2 Reg. Drinks
Deal 2 Rs.599 - 2 Five Star Burgers, 5 Zeed Zaad Wings and 2 Reg. Drinks.

Deal 3 Rs.999 - 4 Fiery BBQ Value Burgers, 2 Rice and 1 Drink 1.5 Liter.
Deal 4 Rs.1099 - 2 Five star Burgers, 2 Fiery BBQ Value Burgers, 2 Pcs. Chicken, 2 Reg. Fries and 1 Drink 1.5 Liter.

For Delivery, Call: 03-111-222-659.

Opium Thai Iftar Cum Dinner Buffet Deal Rs.1399 Plus Tax

Opium Thai Iftar Cum Dinner Buffet Deal Rs.1399 Plus Tax - The Iftar Cum Dinner Buffet will be from Iftar till 9 PM. After that normal a la carte will start.

For reservations, please call 0300 8402420.

Options Restaurant Ramzan delivery deals for Iftar starting from Rs.999

Ramzan Rs.999 Deal: Large Pizza, 4 Club Sandwichs, Fresh Fries and 1.5 Ltr Coke.
Ramzan Rs.1199 Deal: Chicken Handi, Exotic Tawa Chicken, Chicken biryani, Naan/Roti and 1.5 Ltr Coke.

Hospitality-Inn Iftar Take Away Box @ Rs.850+Tax & Iftar Dinner Buffet @ 1999+tax

Hospitality-Inn Take Away Iftar Boxes just in Rs. 850 + tax. Iftar Dinner Buffet @ 1999+tax

All prices are subject to Govt Taxes.
Call: (042) 36310077