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Get PTCL 6Mbps internet connection & get 50% discount on installation

Get PTCL 6Mbps and above internet connection before 31st October to avail 50% discount on installation charges.

To Order call at 1218 or visit PTCL website.

Expiry: 31/10/2018  

PTCL Upgrade 2Mbps UNLIMITED to 4Mbps UNLIMITED in only Rs.99/month

PTCL Upgrade 2Mbps UNLIMITED to 4Mbps UNLIMITED in only Rs.99 extra per month.

Also in upgrade Enjoy 1 year unlimited access to iflix.

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PTCL Tagri Offer - 2Mbps Broadband Economy Package for just Rs. 499 per Month

Get 2Mbps PTCL Broadband Economy Package for just Rs. 499 per month.

All existing 1Mbps Economy Package customers are being upgraded to 2Mbps economy package with 10GB monthly download limit. Charges of Rs. 750/- will be applicable on 2Mbps Economy package from June 1st, 2015.

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PTCL 3G Evo 3.1 Re-Connect Offer - Monthly Rs.500 Only

Recharge your 3G EVO 3.1 Mbps device and get discount price for the whole year!

This offer is valid for all inactive EVO 3.1 subscribers who have not recharged or paid their bills since 30th June, 2014.

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Super Fast Connectivity - Year Long Savings
Purchase an EVO Wingle with 20 GB package before the 31st of December and receive a discounted monthly line-rent of Rs 1250 for a whole year!
Existing EVO Wingle Subscribers who have not recharged since 30th July,2014 automatically qualify for this package!

Broadband Upgrade1Mbps Economy to 2Mbps Economy at PTCL

Get 2 Mbps in Rs. 499 per Month Only With 10 GB Download Limit
From 01-May-2014 onwards, 2 Mbps Economy charges of Rs. 750 will be applicable
All existing 1 Mbps Economy customers are being upgraded to 2 Mbps economy
Rs. 100 per GB will be charged for additional download

This Offer Valid Till 30 April

Expiry: 30/04/2014  

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