Many shops give 10% off, just for asking

There's absolutely nothing wrong with asking for a discount. A former Alfatah store member told me if anyone asks for a discount, we can give upto 10% off from current bill, some times we issue next purchase discount voucher to customer.

To test this, I tried it different stores and success rate was more than 60%, with Hyperstar, Metro and Decent store.

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Sign up to retailers' newsletters for big discounts

Most of online shops send you discount coupon codes once you signup their newsletter. By using these coupon codes you can get upto 20% discount on your first purchase.

Not only you get first purchase discount code, you also get updated their upcoming discounts events.

Haggle via online help chats for discount codes

While shopping online check a popup window that offers live chat with a person help? Do not dismiss it - this can be a path to hiden discount.

To test this, I chatted to 5 retailers through live help, asking some questions about a product before asking for a discount.

Two stores offer me discounts.

How to find discount from store price invoice receipt?

You can find these discount at the end of your invoice receipt. These discounts are valid for next purchase and have expiry date. You must use them before expiry date.

Next time when you buy from super market or have a dinner from any food chain, check these discount at end of your invoice receipt.

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